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'Update 2012'


  • Port Au Prince Church after earthquake.   Totally distroyed.
  • Orhanage facility (not shown) was totally destroyed.

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New Church in Port Au Prince.

A 'Miracle'

Thanks so much for all of the financial help to get the Church rebuilt to this point.

This picture shows only partial roof.  However, the roof has been completed.




Inside of new Sanctuary of Port Au Prince Church.

Still under construction.

  • Need windows
  • Need inside ceiling 

Continue to pray for this project and support it with your finance. 




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Praise the Lord!

Just look at what God has done through you and others like you.


The sanctuary is being used to feed a Christmas meal to the orphans and members of the Port Au Prince Chruch.

December 2011.


We still need finish windows and doors for the sanctuary.

Thank you again for all you've given to further the work in Haiti.

God Bless You.