Worldwide Harvest Ministries * School of Warriors



II Timothy 2:3,4

"Thou therefore endure hardness, as a GOOD SOLDIER OF JESUS CHRIST.  No man that WARRETH entagleth himself with the affairs of this life:  that he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a SOLDIER." 


The purpose of this School is to dress the Christian for spiritual combat. There is a war going on right now; we are in the middle of it.  Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy us.  But God has provided us with His armour, which is designed to protect us from all demon strategies.  If we wear this armour, we can tread down Satanic opposition and take new territory for our King, Jesus.




 EPHESIANS 6:10 - 14

10.   From this point on, determine to develop your strength in the Lord.  In addition, learn to rely on His might to the place where it actually becomes your power.

11.   In addition, arm yourselves with every spiritual weapon in God's arsenal, so that you may be able to encounter and survive the cunning assaults and stratagems of the devil.

12.   Our fight is not with flesh and blood people, or anything human and physical.  We're struggling with an unseen empire of highly organized satanic beings.   Arrayed against us in a kingdom of evil rulers who control the darkness of this world.   There are dignitaries in command of entire armies of evil spirits who cannot be perceived by our senses since they operate in the spirit-world.

13.    Therefore equip yourselves with all the available armor of God, right now!   The day approaches when you will stand toe to toe with your enemy, and when it is all over, you want to be found still on your feet.

14.   Of course you face Satan in a prayerful attitude, knowing that resisting him is impossible apart from God's strength.   Stay alert.   Even as you watch every situation that develops around you, keep in constant touch with Him.   Be equally persistent when it comes to asking God in behalf of all His people.


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