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Psalm 85:6

"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?"

David talking to God.

Historians looking back on today ----

Saying, "What was the attraction?"

Looking through the eyes of history, the religious phenomenon of today will be seen in its true perspective.

"A gimmick ridden mechanical Trojan Horse without substance."

          For the most part, this is what they will record in the books of history as they look at this part, especially the last two decades of the Pentecostal world that we live in ---

"It will be seen as a religious oddity that spoke much about faith it didn't have --- and miracles for the most part, that it could not produce."

That will be the record of history, on most of what we call revival, in this last two decades.

          Before you can evaluate the present --- you have to be able to look at the past --- Nobody can know what is going to happen tomorrow, unless they know something of what happened yesterday.


          I look back on my life as a boy growing up --- on a farm in the depression years --- Poor folks called us poor --- I didn't ever believe that I would ever leave that farm --- I didn't believe you could paint history on a plow handle --- So I just barely pasted it.  I regret today that I was so negligent in that time of my life in learning.  Because I've come to know you can not know about tomorrow unless you know about the past.  And to properly evaluate the religious phenomenon of this day --- you are going to have to objectively look at the revivals of history.


           Somewhere you are going to have to take time to look at what happened in the revivals of yesterday.

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