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           We must examine the effects of those revivals upon the times in which they occurred --- and the significance of their place in history, if we are going to be able to know what is really happening in 1992.

           Now revivals whether localized or World-Wide, are always a demonstration of the rule of God --- that is revival in its simplest form --- Whenever revival really occurs --- than it is the rule of God that has come into existence.

           I've noticed signs over cities that state that "Jesus is Lord over this City."   Well, I just have to stop and eat dinner there --- "No that's not so".  Amen!   He's not Lord for the most part. --- The devil is Lord over most of it.  Around where we live. --- Though there is a lot of religion --- I said there's a lot of religion --- yea --- He's really not Lord --- but revival really is the rule of God imposed.

           When Nebuchadnezzar immerged from the seven year nightmare --- his first statement was --- "The heaven's do rule".   That gentleman had learned a lesson ---- He knew that the most high was a real God and that He was in charge ---- and when Nebuchadnezzar thought that he was as big as God, this was when he spent seven years eating grass with the ox. --- Amen!


"The Heaven's do Rule" was the statement.


         Every revival in history has verified that statement. ---- Every true revival has verified the statement of Nebuchadnezzar --- "The Heaven's Rule".

         Revival's have always come on the heels of a moral midnight --- That's the reason I believe we have stepped on the threshold of a great revival. --- Never have things sunk any lower in my life time, --- at least in America ---- and every revival in history has come when things had reached their lowest point.

          In Hezekiah's revival --- everything is over with, when the angel appeared to kill the Assyrians.

          Calvary was the lowest point in history --- when man would crucify his Saviour --- and Pentecost came on the heels of Calvary --- it's always been that way.   At various times in history, when civilization had reached it's lowest point --- God broke in with a revival and everything was changed ---.

          In times of great spiritual awakening --- "the heaven's ruled" by over ruling --- We struggle --- we try to vote in --- we try through all kinds of situations --- but revival comes when God moves in --- It is true --- "It's not by power --- it's not by might --- but by my Spirit  thus saith the Lord."

          The day in which we live, the problems are with perplexity ---- It doesn't matter who you vote in ---- they will not be able to solve the problems of the great land.   There's one answer --- that's a revival --- not a revival of religion --- but an old fashion, Holy Ghost revival --- that changes men's lives --- that brings men into fellowship with God --- and the rule of God is imposed.  Righteousness in those times --- overcomes evil --- light replaces darkness --- and restraint is placed upon a community.

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