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           I preached a revival in 1954 --- for a gentleman at tht time was about 65 years old.   His name was Gatley --- when he was about 15 ---- he was a tent man for Jake Miller --- one of the great evangelist of all times.   Jake Miller was an Assembly of God evangelist up through the teens and the twenties.   I don't know how long he was around but I know in those years he was an evangelist.   In those day's Pentecostals were very scarce --- they were hated ---- they were treated a gypsies and worse.  

This man said ---

"And we went in ---- I was just a boy --- in Smoke Over, Arkansas --- the oil boom town of Arkansas --- It was a den of gambling and prostitution --- we set up our tent --- not one holiness person in the city."

He said,

"The mud was so bad in the streets, that the horses bogged up to their belly --- 3"x12" boards were the sidewalks --- across that mud --- That old gentleman had a handlebar mustache, eyes black as indigo" --- and he said,  "He began to preach under that little old ragged tent --- nobody but me to hear him the first night --- but he preached on --- He dealt with the rottneness --- He preached men into hell --- He reasoned wwith them --- that you are a criminal against God --- and that there is a death sentence on your head ---

There is a pardon if you'll take it --- but if yu don't, the earth is going to swallow you --- and he preached on --- When it began to break --- when it began to flow --- when the righteousness began to take hold --- God began to convert ---."

He said, "All over town they were nailing up the houses of prostitution --- the dens of iniquity were being nailed up ---"  And said, "You would find the women of the night either converted or leaving town."

The old man changed things ---- because there was something in it.  When God moved --- He over ruled --- Ligtht replaced the darkness --- It's always been that way --- and it hasn't happened in what we call revival ---.

          On the most part --- the people associated with today's revival are hardly changed themselves  --- I've been in this thing so long --- I've seen the pendulum hit both walls.   I was speaking yesterday at Brother Thomason's Church --- I've been there long enough --- when I come in --- Brother Clark --- they wouldn't let a man wear a watch --- Today, they don't even wear clothes --- I saw it hit both sides of the wall --- Listen --- I can tell you revival --- I said, an old fashion revival --- will produce a holiness of life --- and bring restraint on a community --- A miracle must have a revival.

          Revival's --- we've forgot what they were --- Amen? --- Revival changes thins ---When revival comes there is a difference made.

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