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          Listen --- I may have said it last night but when Evans Roberts went to that little church that night --- When the revival broke out in Wales --- God told him --- "You tell the people three things" --- When he got there that night --- there was only seventeen people present --- that's all ---

He said --- "You tell them:

    1. You forsake and confess every known sin.  (Talking to Christians)
    2. You move away from every questionable habit.
    3. You make it right with every Brother and Sister.

Revival broke out with just 17 people.   And in 24 hrs. --- swept that valley and thousands of people were born into the Kingdom of God.---

          I'm telling you revival's real --- God hasn't changed --- We don't know what a revival is --- We can sing ourselves happy and call it revival --- but if it don't change our life styles and make our neighbors know that something's happened to us --- then something's wrong with what we are calling revival.

          It's always been --- Individual's caught up in these revivals are radically changed --- Nothing does such violence to human nature as being born again --- and Nothing so transforms a church like having the Holy Spirit sweep through that church --- Hallelujah!   To God! --- The reviving of God's life in a church --- collectively --- and the believer individually --- has a restraining effect upon the community and the nation --- It's always that way --- Amen?

Wigglesworth ---

          We (wife and I) we were in a little town of Billet, Texas in revival --- 1954.   The Lady that began that church was 86 years old --- A Mrs. Alice Banning --- Sister Alice Banning --- She told us the story of her life, as a preacher of the Gospel --- Had 9 children when God called her to preach --- Went to los Angeles --- from Oklahoma --- Built the first Pentecostal Church --- an Assembly of God church --- in Los Angeles--- and she said there she struggled --- She was hated --- Drawn before judges --- Amen!  Time and time again just because she preached the gospel --- but she said that during that time ---     in 1922 --- that she had Smith Wiggelsworth in to that community for a revival --- she said we roped off a city block and 10,000 people came to hear and see the miracles of God --- and Brother Clendennon --- God moved and for a 16 mile radius --- people --- not just one --- but 100's of reports came.   People would come out in the evening and would fall out on the porch --- in the yard --- They thought they had an heart attack --- Amen!  But they would come through screaming for the mercies of God.   Let me ask you,  has God changed?

          I said has God changed?   I can tell ya!  If we could produce Pentecost one more time, right here in this church --- They would come from every quarter of this earth --- to see what is going on.

          I wouldn't go across the street to go to church just to have some place to go.  But I'd crawl to Texas and from Texas to here --- to be where Jesus is --- Halleluhah!

          I said Hallelujah!   Oh what a day we live in --- The heavens rule --- Christian morals prevail --- Lawlessness is subdued --- Order is restored --- Heavens rule --- That's revival! --- True revival --- We will not only waken wicked men to righteousness --- but also restore that which the locusts --- the cankerworm --- caterpillar --- and the palmer worm have eaten --- It will put back into that church what was lost when that revival was lost.

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