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          I can tell ya when Adam came from the hand of God --- he wasn't a baby in swaddling clothes --- he was a full grown man --- with every faculty in place --- and when the Church was birthed by the Holy Ghost, every gift and grace of God was in that Church --- The Church He is coming after --- will also have that --- Amen!

          When Ezra was charged with taking those things back to that temple --- those vessels that the Holy Ghost had looked over all of those years of captivity --- not a spoon --- not a vessel --- was lost. --- That's types of the believers. --- And when Ezra had come to that place --- that all got to cross that wilderness --- full of bandits --- full of them --- He said: --- We told the king that God would take care of us, --- We can't ask for an army to protect us. --- He put those vessels on the scale and weighed them --- and said: --- When you get to Jerusalem, I'm going to weigh them again and you better weigh the same. --- Let me tell you --- when that church stands before God --- He'll weigh it again. --- Everything must be there.   A real old fashion revival will restore everything that's been lost.  Amen!

          There's never been a God sent revival that didn't restore some truth that was lost. --- Martin Luther restored the truth.  "You must be born again"  Hallelujah!

          There was a restortion under Wesley.   The message of sanctification ---.

          After every true revival --- in history --- emphasis has been placed on the Holiness of God --- in no certain terms --- Without holiness --- no man shall see the Lord.  In the past it was quoted --- thundered from the pulpit. --- That man of God thundered his message and in it was --- "Without Holiness no man shall see God!"

          This is a call to walk with God. --- The world is your enemy.  You are not your own. --- You are bought with a price.  --- was the message proclaimed to men.

          I've watched the Church get worldly and the world get churchy and you can't tell where one starts and the other stops --- It's a sad thing --- It's a sad thing!

          I believe that one thing God hates is nakedness.  He built that altar --- The steps going up to that altar --- He said, "You don't build it --- Don't you let a trial be put on it.  --- I don't want one thing on it man made. --- Don't you climb it without a skirt on." --- that's what He said.  Don't expose your nakedness before God.  But we live in a time there's no more conviction among the Church.  God said: "Without holiness no man shall see God."

"Come out from among them --- be ye separate --- and i'll be your God." ---


"Blessed are the pure in heart --- for they shall see God." ---

You can't regard iniquity in your heart --- God will not hear you. ---

Perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.  "But your iniquity hath separated between you and your God"


"Draw nigh to me and I'll draw nigh to you"

          We are not miles from God. ---

          If you want to be near God, walk away from what's not God. --- it's the iniquities that separate you and God. --- Not by feet and inches. --- but what we have made excuses for. --- But He want.

"Set your affections on things above" --- Colossians 3:2 --- "not on things on the earth."

          You can excite religion and never touch the soul. --- Saul learned how to be religious --- King the whole time --- the Ark was missing all that time --- He never made one effort to bring it back --- The reason was, --- He learned to be religious without God.

          We've learned how --- We can talk in tongues --- We can fain the gifts --- Get the music right --- Make people cry.

" A revival does more than make you cry."

"It makes you walk right."

          Seminars ----

Everything teaches us to be independent of everything out there.

Man hearing from heaven, has something to say. ---


Church lavishing of great wealth while people are perishing without the Gospel.

Revival cost you something!

How bad do you want Revival?

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