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 Bishop Vilsaint Chervil

 Bishop Chervil and children. 

Location Church in Port Au Prince.

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Pastor Chervil

praying for little boy, who had trouble walking. 

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           Bishop Vilsaint Chervil, Port Au Prince, Haiti, (WI) and I came to know one another through Worldwide Christian Fellowships Missionary endeavors.    J.W Luman, Missionary Director for Worldwide at the time, asked me to make contact with Bishop Chervil for Worldwide.   Thus began a life-long friendship.  Bishop Vilsaint, has for years visited me and my family at our home here in the US and I have visited him and his family in their home in Port Au Prince Haiti. 

       Bishop Chervil is the Director of the Seminary he established in Haiti to train local ministers for the preaching the Gospel.   Ministers from all over Haiti that come to this Seminary, and graduate, recieve the necessary documents to satisfy the Haitian government that they are qualified Ministers (Licensed).    He also has at the Port Au Prince location an orphanage that houses and feeds orphaned children.   He also feeds an average of 120 walk in children, daily.    He has, at the Port Au Prince Church location, a church school for the Haitian children who can not afford to go to government type schools.  Government education (like our public school system) cost money and most Haitian families don't have money.   He even provides uniform dress for all attending children.

      Throughout Haiti, Bishop Chervil overseas several other churches that he has established.   He assignes Pastors, that have been trained at the Seminary, to pastor these locations.

      All of the work that Bishop Chervil accomplishes is financed by donations from sources outside of Haiti, such as Worldwide Harvest Ministries.



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