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Borgella Family and the Church in La Val, Haiti 


 Henoch in 1990

 Henoch and Myself Oct. 2012.  In a courtyard at Henochs PAP home.

      Henoch Borgella, was a young Haitian boy in school, who needed financial help in order to complete and even attend Haitian public school.

      Brother Ashby sent Henoch his school tuition every month,  enabling Henoch to graduate.   Today Henoch is a Professor of Music at the University of Haiti in Port Au Prince.  He is also a Pastor and an interpreter for missionaries when they come to Haiti to Preach.


 Henoch has a degree in engineering but was unable to acquire a job with it.   There was no openings in Haiti.  When the earthquake happen there was devastation everywhere in PAP.  To rebuild Haiti several large companies from all over came to Haiti and began to hire Haitians to do the rebuilding that was needed to restore Haiti.  Henoch's degree as an engineer was now a plus to him.  Engineers were a priority in the reconstruction of Haiti.   He was hired to oversee several reconstruction projects.  Work was sporadic from one job and delay to another.   It was still a blessing while it lasted.  He hasn't worked now for 6 months in this position.  Work in Haiti is just not there for him now.  Please pray that he can get work so he can support his family.  He now has to really scrounge for food and depend on outside help at this time.



Church in La Val

This is the original Church that was built on property donated by the former Pastor, Borgella (Henochs Father) and Madame Borgella (Henochs Mother)



 This video was compiled out of the pictures of the trip I made to Haiti October 2012.  It will show some of the trip from PAP to La Val.   La Val is an area on the Caribbean leg of Haiti.  It is an area where sugar cane and farming the land is dominate.  It is about 30 kilometers from the city, Ceye.   I have been actively involved since 1985 in this area at a  Church constructed there a couple of years before I first went to Haiti in 1985.  The Church had been active even before then and was pastor-ed by Henoch Borgellas father.

So enjoy some of the pictures taken of the Haitian culture.



Original Borgella Home in 1985 

 Borgellas Original House 1985

Lloyd Ashby was the Missionary that established the work in La Val and had the burden to replace this house for Madame Borgella.  He felt that this was what needed to be done because of her faithfulness and dedication to the Kindgdom work in Haiti.

I went with Brother Ashby in 1985 to help build the new house for Madame Borgella thus came the burden to continue this work in Haiti.


Madame Borgellas New Home


The house is in the background of this picture.  Madame Borgella was able to enjoy this new home up until 2006.  She went home to be with the Lord.

Her daughter Beatrice and her husband and children and her brother Roman live in this house.  


 Borgella's Home today with 2 room addition 

Two rooms have been added to accommodate  the additional family members that had to move here from PAP after the earthquake.  

Thanks for your compasion to all who donated financially to  complete this project.


 Borgella home in La Val while under construction, adding two additional rooms.   Work completed in 2011.


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