Worldwide Harvest Ministries * La Val Church


                     Pastor Nerrett standing in front of La Val Church                       Church is currently  being repaired and remodeled.

 Original La Val Church Building


Pastor Nerrett and Wife in front of

 Borgella Family home. 

 Pastor Nerrett, in all the years I have known him has been faithful to the work, that God called him to.

He and the local men of the Church have done all of the physical construction and the maintaining of the facilities out in La Val.

He has ministered to the people faithfully and has expanded the work of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the area of La Val.   In doing so, the voodoo practices in this area are no longer being practiced because of this Church and its active ministry of the Gospel.  Several Churches have been established in the La Val area reaching out several miles.

God has blessed the efforts of this faithful servant and the ministry of this local Church.  

It gives me great joy in being able to have been a part in supporting this minister and the people of La Val.


No Voodoo Practiced in La Val Area Today

La Val Area Pastors 

2014  Meeting and sharing with them was a pleasure.

 I want to make a statement here just to let you know a fact.  All of the years of going out to this location at La Val, I have never been out there, when the practice of voodoo was not active.  Usually the voodoo drums would beat all night long and you could see and hear the manifestation of the works of voodoo daily.   My trip in October of 2012 was not attacked by the presence of this type of practice.   All voodoo practice in the area of La Val has ceased due to the ministry of the La Val Church and its influence in this area.   It still remains evident that when the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is taken into the very pit of darkness, that the light of the Gospel will dispel the darkness and the light of truth and salvation will prevail and minister to the lost..... Hope and Life.  To God be the Glory.




 I want to thank all who helped funding this work at the LaVal Church in Haiti.   All is not finished yet so your help is still needed.

God Bless You and Your Families, Churches, and Organizations that have helped.


 This video is about the remodeling progress in the first stages of remodeling the LaVal Church.

This video is in more detail of the remodeling progress in the next stages of remodeling.   Shows the completion of the front outside, and the completed pulpit area.  The inside wall behind the podium has been smoothed.  The front inside wall, where the front windows have been installed has been smoothed also.  The outside front has been finished. 



 The need is 10, 16' pews at a cost of $100 each.

Will you please consider purchasing one (1) or all of these much needed pews for this people.

If you notice the pews in the Sanctuary are small for the building.   When this picture was taken in October 2012, some of the pews had been taken to the school across the street from the Church.  This is a daily routine when school is in session.

Several times a year there is more than 300 in attendance at this location.  There has not been enough seating to accommodate  everyone in attendance.   This summer 2013 there is a summer camp for the youth.   More than 300 youth will be in attendance here for the camp.  

My Wife and myself and and entourage of young people and other adults that will be able to help medically, are planning to attend this camp.

Your help is needed in purchasing the pews for this sanctuary.

 Only 10 more pews needed as of February 2016